The Sounds Of The Factory

Great musical pairings withstand the test of time: Creedence Clearwater and road trips, Al Green and makin' babies, etc. But what's the ideal music for a classic surf edit? Depends on who's doing the surfing. That's why we let each of our seven Factory surfers pick the song for his Factory part. With musical tastes as eclectic as their surfing styles, we knew these guys would make a final product built to last. Feast your ears on The Factory soundtrack.

1. SURFING Magazine Issue 5, 2015NEW ORDER, "Crystal": YADIN NICOL: I've been digging this song recently. I found it on Shazam and then went and got it on Spotify. I like a couple of their [New Order's] songs. I'm not in love with 'em though. I'm not picky like Conner and Eric — both of them are in a f–king band, and I don't know shit about music. I've got the worst memory in the world and I hardly know what I'm listening to half of the time. If I like a song, I try to download it before I forget it. This song has been on the top of my playlist for a while.

2. SURFING Magazine Issue 5, 2015BLACK SABBATH, "Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes": CHIPPA WILSON: I picked this song when we were driving to the airport to go home. Until then I had only listened to it on my dad's record player at home. So I bought it on iTunes that morning because I wanted to listen to it and see how it would go with surfing. I figured they would go together good, kind of skate vibe-ish. Turns out it was a sure thing.

3. SURFING Magazine Issue 5, 2015THE BAND, "King Harvest": CONNER COFFIN: I love The Band. Their music is super unique and has a great groove to it. (The Last Waltz is a killer documentary about them, by the way.) I've always loved 'King Harvest' and thought it would be a cool song for a little surf part. It seemed to fit the vibe of this trip, maybe because I'd been listening to it the whole time we were in Indo.

4. SURFING Magazine Issue 5, 2015JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD, "Shredder": YAGO DORA: I'm not picky. I think maybe Sean [Benik] chose this song for me? The first time I ever listened to that band was on the edit, and that song is really sick. It’s the kind of music I love; it gets you pumped up to go surf. I don't really listen to rap and that stuff. I like rock, old school music. Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sublime. But this song is really good.

5. SURFING Magazine Issue 5, 2015THE AVENER & PHOEBE KILLDEER, "Fade out Lines": EVAN GEISELMAN: I never heard this song before the trip. Corey Wilson was playing it every day and it had a cool, upbeat vibe that caught my ear. There's a cool line in the song that goes something like, "the shallower it grows." I had that line in my head while I was surfing Uluwatu at low tide. In my Factory part you can see that I got some fun low-tide barrels at Racetrack that grew. And you can also see that I hit the reef and had to get limed by Yadin.

6. SURFING Magazine Issue 5, 2015HOT LUNCH, "Monks On The Moon": ERIC GEISELMAN: I was practicing playing this song on guitar during the trip. The original idea was actually for me to play the opening riff to start out my Factory Part, but I decided that was lame. I like this song because it's hard, driving punk — the singer reminds me of the singer from Misfits — and it reminds me of classic skate parts, which is the feel I was going for with my part.