Threat: Russell Bierke

Threat: Russel Bierke

At the ripe age of seventeen, Russell Bierke has a big wave resume that would rival that of the most experienced hellmen. The Ulladulla native’s got guts beyond his years and has no problem humbly dodging the spotlight as long as he gets to ride the (insane) waves he loves. Get to know a little bit more about Russ below and (re)enjoy his latest edit Ghost above.

Full name: Russell Bierke

Age: 17
Hometown: Ulladulla, NSW, Australia
Sponsors: O'Neill, Creatures of Leisure, Sex Wax, Kirk Bierke Surfboards
Homebreak: Racecourse Beach
Favorite Surfer: John John Florence
Motto: "You don't know until you go"

What inspires you the most? People who push the limits of what's possible and who never give up
What is your greatest fear? Peanuts. They are the devil
What song do you want to hear before you paddle out? Anything that gets me psyched up. "25 Bucks" by Danny Brown works pretty well.
Best surf video segment of all time? Andy's section in Trilogy was pretty crazy
What’s something you do every single day, without exception? Check swell charts
Last time you cried? When I broke my brand new 9'8" at Waimea
Best WCT event ever? Last year's comp at Teahupo'o
Where will surfing be in five years? Bigger maneuvers on bigger waves, and paddling even bigger, crazier waves
Most underrated surfer? Sean Mawson. He just cruises in Ulladulla but should be filming for Kai Neville's next clip or on the WCT
Buddha or Jesus? Buddha
What’s the farthest you've ever had to travel on foot? The walk to and from Shipsterns is probably the furthest, but it's the incline that makes it really hard
Favorite non-surf film? Django Unchained
Worst enemy? Bluebottles
Worst tattoo you’ve ever seen? I once saw a tramp stamp on a guy
Worst grom beating you’ve received? I got duct taped to a chair and carried into the middle of the school playground, then they pushed me over and left me on my side with no way of getting up
What's the worst wave you’ve ever surfed? Mollymook Reef
Best thing a girl has ever said to you? I wish I had something good to say here
Best text message ever received? When I got asked to go on a surf trip with Kelly Slater and Alex Gray
Most scared you've ever been in the ocean? Last weekend a few friends and I paddled out to a bombie about a mile offshore. We surfed for about an hour until a large fin started circling us. The half-hour paddle back to shore was very scary
Is it OK to tow? Only if it's too slabby and impossible to paddle
Dane or Kelly? Kelly. Dane surfs amazing but Kelly just seems to get better with age and is way more motivated
Do girls prefer seeing guys do airs or get tubed? Unfortunately for me I think they like airs more
What is the meaning of life? To enjoy it and help others do the same
Do you do your hair? I think I've brushed my hair twice this year
Does the best surfing happen in contests or in free surfs? Free surfs. In contests there's no room for error so people tend to play it safe
Why aren't kick flips cool? I think everyone's too scared to land on their fins so they just pretend that kick flips aren't cool. That way they don't have to try them
What’s your favorite emoticon? The poo one
Secret to catching a lot of waves? Look like you want the wave more than anyone else
Favorite Taylor Swift song? "Trouble" -- goat version