Threat: Shane Borland

clifford_brian_shane_borland_portraitPhoto: Clifford

Full name: Shane Patrick Borland
Age: 17
Hometown: Malibu, California
Sponsors: RVCA, Globe Shoes, Active Ride Shop, Panda Surfboards, Gorilla, Waiakea water
Homebreak: 3rd point Malibu
Favorite Surfer: Creed McTaggart

What inspires you the most? Watching sick edits that make me want to go out and do the same thing
What is your greatest fear? Dying
Best surf video segment of all time? Droids first part in Mexico in Metal Neck 2, The Bangover
What's something you do every single day, without exception? Check Instagram
Who is your hero? Dylan Hord, a.k.a "Dilly"
Your proudest moment in life? I haven't had one yet
Favorite activity outside of surfing? Skating
Favorite world champion? Andy Irons
Where will surfing be in five years? The Olympics
Most underrated surfer? Micky Clarke
Buddha or Jesus? Jesus
Hidden talent? Cooking
Favorite non-surf film? Holy stokes!
Favorite artist? At the moment, Chance the Rapper
Worst tattoo you've ever seen? A huge Monster Energy tattoo on a guy's back
What's the worst wave you've ever surfed? Virginia Beach

Best thing a girl (or guy) has ever said to you? One time a girl said, "You shred, dude." It was tight
Best text message ever received? Getting invited to go on a RVCA trip to Nicaragua with Bruce Irons, Nathan Strom, Jay Davies, Colin Moran and Luke Davis
Dream sponsor? Del Taco
How many world titles will Gabriel win? 10
Best book you've ever read? I don't think I've ever read a whole book, besides in elementary school
Best non-surfing experience? Being in Oregon right now on a skate trip. The parks up here are insane
Do you do your hair? On occasion
Snapchat or Instagram? Snapchat
Do followers matter? Yeah
Does the best surfing happen in contests or in freesurfs? Freesurfs
Why aren't kick flips cool in surfing? I think they would be sick if someone did a proper one
What's the last song you listened to? (Be honest.) "Andre N Andre," by Andre Nickatina and Mac Dre
Who's the most beautiful female (or male) surfer? Stephanie Gilmore
Favorite Taylor Swift song? "22"
Best city in the world? LA
Kanye West — yes or no? No