This Week Was Pumping, Everywhere

Sunday in Hawaii had a few leftovers from its ravishing re-entry last week. Photo: Brent Bielmann

As surfers, we watch the erratic movements of swells in the way that overprotective mothers scour their sons’ internet history. Both practices often end in despair.

(But not this week!)

Swells occur when low pressure systems create intense winds over the ocean, leading to energy bands sent to our shores in the form of rideable waves. This happens for 365 days all around the world. There are “on seasons” and “off seasons” for particular regions, but on any given day there is a great wave breaking somewhere in the world. Still, some weeks are better than others.

This past week offered a global series of swells that met with impeccable local weather patterns, creating ideal conditions in places like France, Australia, the Caribbean, and beyond. Being naturally addicted to the sight, sound, and taste of pumping surf, our office-dwelling staffers poured through Instagram for any glimmer of perfection, and we found a lot of it. The photos below detail some of the most enticing posts of the past seven days.

Certain parts of Australia went absolutely bonkers. Brent Dorrington stuffed himself with an oversized wedge salad. Photo: @midgetmagic

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The Caribbean experienced uncommon doldrums and a beautifully angled swell. The proof is beyond the Pathfinder. Photo: @lukedavisthegrey

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Just after the Quik Pro, France decided to ignite. Shame, Shame. Photo: @boskophoto

South Australia is known for its endless slabs and its ginormous sharks. Pete Tomlinson thankfully found the former. Photo: @pete__tomlinson

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A perfectly slotted Chad Speedy had no reason to accelerate, as Tropical Storm Nicole offered waves for days in the OBX. Photo: @mattlusk

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Remember Main Break, Margaret River? It looked like this last week. That guy is riding a 9’0. Photo: @russelordphoto.

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Californians love to see a big swell in Hawaii, because two days later it looks like this at home. Photo: @cliff_photo