09 Billabong World Junior Championships Days 2 & 3

Maui's Granger Larsen has been looking rugged in those Billabong lumberjack-themed flannel ads. Here he chops down the lip of a waste-high wedge.

Could anything be better than an enormous Billabong tour bus, its belly stuffed with bright white boards and its destination firing waves? Could anything be better? Nothing could.

Jockeys have stables, surfers have board racks.

Clay Marzo picks a peak to destroy. Hmmm...that one. Clay has a spot in the Quarterfinals.

Santa Cruz's Nat Young finds his inner Fanning, which is scary. Nat also is still in contention.

Gabriel Medina's 19.57 lit the event on fire in Round 3. This kid is showing that a few big heats can a surf star make. Kids: Anything's possible. Just do three airs per wave in front of the right people.

Medina post-heat, flashing logos and a smile after his Perfect 10.

Event favorite, classically handsome, tanned and fit. An eligible bachelor is Owen Wright. Too bad he lost in Round 4.

Owen was sort of surfing down a division in the WJC. Having conquered Dane and Kelly twice each in 2009, and prepping for the World Tour this spring, this contest would have been a nice final feather in his junior cap.

Granger Larsen and Billabong Hawaii's Rainos Hayes talk tactics on the beach. Coaches are like opinions: Everybody's got one. They're also like Facebooks in that regard.

Jadson Andre can do these tail-whips in his sleep. More importantly, though, he can do them in his heats. Finding the launch section.

Sucking the front knee up.

Projecting big while grabbing for control.

Front hand down as a fulcrum. Tail way overhead


Surely about to fall.

Tail is gonna dig.

He should have safety surfed it

Wait, you're kidding. You get right out of town.

What a showoff.

Laura and brother Chris Enever on the beach.

The lonely German, Nicolau Von Rupp. He probably just saw Jadson's fin huck and is fighting the urge to run away. Run, Rupp, Run!