10 in 2010: The Year in Photos

“I can never remember all the places I went in the last 12 months -- it’s always a little bit of a blur. I have to look at my 2010 photo library to see where I went. It’s my journal.

Another good reminder is all the ticket stubs from the flights. I keep those for my mileage points. It says on my numbers spreadsheet that I flew 87,835 miles. Not sure how many days I was away from home…

Here’s a quick list from the last 12 months in order of travel: Western Sahara, Portugal, Italy, Puerto Escondido, Salina Cruz (Mexico), Iceland, Puerto Escondido, Tahiti, Spain, Portugal, California/Baja, Oahu, Kauai, Maui.

I was requested to do a 2010 recap for a web gallery so they can post it before 2011. I don’t feel like putting up more action stuff. I figured I went to some cool places and met some interesting people, so I’ll post that kind of stuff instead.”

Words and photos by Jeff Flindt