10 Photos // Barbados // Tom Carey

Immutable surfing law: You can take the East Coaster off the East Coast, but you can’t yadda yadda.

And Jimmicane (SURFING’s Associate Photo Editor) is an East Coaster supreme. He lives physically in Cardiff but mentally, spiritually, ideologically in St. Augustine, FL, and consequently keeps an eye peeled for Eastern and Caribbean swell activity — same way you follow your old home team even after you leave town. A few months back, Jimmy spotted swell brewing and barked SURFING Senior Photographer Tom Carey into a Barbados mission, advising that it would be all time.

And it was — as evidenced below by Tom’s shots of Wardo, Josh Kerr, Mason Ho and Andrew Doheny. This trip illustrated a big chunk of SURFING’s Movie Issue [Feb. ’11], including the cover shot. Thanks, Tom. Thanks, Jimmicane. Thanks, rabid East Coast pride.

Photos by Tom Carey

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