10 Photos // Indonesia // Lawrence + Humphries

Seeing the latest bounty of images to spill from the Rip Curl Cup waiting period, the first question that comes to mind is, "Why the @#%$ didn’t they run the contest?" Well, photos can be a bit deceiving. There were certainly some beautiful sets cracking over the reef at Padang Padang during the peak of the swell last Saturday, but the size and consistency fell shy of the discerning standards of the "Ultimate Tuberiding Contest."

The Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang is kind of like that friend of yours who only drinks beer from award-winning microbreweries; or will only dine at restaurants that are Zagat rated; or only dates supermodels. Call them snobs, but for the guys in the Rip Curl Cup only the finest barrels will do. Here are 10 shots of the sub-par conditions the 32 invitees have had to endure during the past week of the waiting period.

Check out the Rip Curl Cup website here: www.live.ripcurl.com

Photos by Nate Lawrence and Hamish Humphries // Words + Captions by Leo Maxam

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