10 Things To Take Your Mind Off Sharks

Even your weird aunt who obsesses over Facebooks knows that Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark at J-Bay two days ago. How is she by the way? Still making that green bean casserole? Yeah? Nice. Anyway, you’ve heard about Mick. You’ve heard about his reaction and his next step. It’s all the surf world has been talking about lately. So we thought we’d give you a nice little vacation away from sharkland. We want to remind you that surfing is still the most fun thing probably ever, so here are ten things that will take your mind off the sharks and the sharks off you mind.

indo brent bielmann
Photo: Brent Bielmann
The ocean would be pointless without them. I suppose you could say that it’s a fundamental component of all that is life on earth, but that argument feels a little bit contrived, no?

Bottom Turns
Photo: Sean Benik
Alana Blanchard, the posterchild.

SFGP-060300-DANE-6Pat StacyYoung Dane Reynolds
Photo: Pat Stacy
Sharks didn’t exist in 2008.

dane and fish-jimmicaneDickboards
Photo: Jimmicane
Even sharks know that it’s bad to use teeth.

Mason Ho
And of course, his dream wave.

dion dj struntzWave Pools
Photo: DJ Struntz
They might be the future. Or an extravagant pest that demolishes surfing as we know it and turns our beloved little into something pale and professional. Who knows!

JJF photo- Brent BielmannJohn John Florence
Photo: Brent Bielmann
If you have ever thought about sharks while watching one of his edits, you’re doing it wrong.

Globe Strange Rumblings movie trip to MozambiqueAfrican Pointbreaks
Photo: DJ Struntz
More specifically, ones that aren’t near Port Elizabeth and/or host WCT events.

noa deane photo- corey wilsonAirs
Photo: Corey Wilson
Can’t get attacked when you’re above the lip. That’s just science.

Anyone With The Gudauskas Surname
They are everything that sharks are not.