2008 Chip Miller Surf Fest

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Amping groms, a memorial paddle out, a tow-at demo, and over $16,000 raised for awareness and educational programs for amyloidosis. In fact the only thing missing from the 5th annual Chip Miller Surf Fest presented by {{{Fox}}} — held on Sunday, August 10 in Ocean City, New Jersey — was the waves.

"It was maybe knee high at best, but people still came out to support the foundation," said event organizer Nick Bricker.

The actual surfing took a back seat to the overall feeling of community and good will. One of the highlights of the event was special guest appearances by local legend and cancer survivor Dean Randazzo and Bethany Hamilton. Parents and kids waited eagerly in line — which was up to {{{300}}} people deep at times — for the opportunity to meet the two and get their autographs.

"Being back home, signing autographs with Bethany, and seeing the groms stoked was great," said Randazzo, who didn't surf in the contest, but showed up in support of the cause.

The small surf was perfect for the all-Jersey tow-at demo, where Andrew Gesler and Matt Keenan defeated Frank Walsh and Sam Hammer, with both teams thrilling the spectators by boosting huge airs and laying down massive hacks on teeny tiny waves.

The Chip Miller Charitable Foundation was founded after the death of car-hobby icon Chip Miller, who was afflicted with amyloidosis and passed away in 2004.

"Chip was my friend's dad, and he was the only one that would take us wherever we wanted to go surf on the weekends. Without him we wouldn't have surfed nearly as much as we did growing up. I figured this was the least I could do to give back," Bricker said. "This is a contest that everyone talks about because it's so different and there's such a good vibe. We all can't wait until next year."

For more information visit www.ChipMiller.org


1st Jack Dennis
2nd Jack Baylinson
3rd Sean Taylor
4rth Mike Vencmen
5th Ryan Templeton
6th Andy Rooney

1st Pat Schmidt
2nd Mike Ciaramella
3rd Ryan Santiago
4rth Brittany Hickey
5th Joey Marinelli
6th Sean Bowman

1st Brittany Hickey
2nd Meredith Miedoma
3rd Lacy Nicholl
4rth Sarah Pfeiffer
5th Courney Lenny
6th Kate Mers

1st Mike Ciaramella
2nd Zack Tomlinson
3rd Chris Eaves
4rth Sean Santiago
5th Richard Dicciccio
6th Shane Matthews

1st Rob Kelly
2nd Mark Richards
3rd Chris Eaves
4rth Alex Dephellipo
5th Matt Rink
6th Matt Neusteder

1st Justin Casey
2nd {{{Jimmy}}} Bowdler
3rd Monk
4rth Kevin Richards
5th Jon Coen
6th Paul Smith

1st Bob Kulisek
2nd Dick Tator
3rd Chris Rooney
4rth Cory Kisiel
5th Harry Gate
6th Teddy Lyons

1st Team Matthews
2nd Team Goucher
3rd Team Rooney
4th Team McKay