2009 Billabong Pipeline Masters Final Day

Shades of Burkhart. Damien Hobgood talks with Dean Morrison about the leash-pull incident.

Dane Reynolds pre heat at Pipe. Dane eventually lost to Taj Burrow when conditions deteriorated in their semifinal.

Dingo on the loose. He may have come away with a no-call on an interference against Hobgood, but Slater gave him instant payback in semifinal number one.

Slater and his latest Deep Six / 4 fin / dumpster diver / experimental craft.

Slater's 14th final at Pipe may not have gone the way he would have liked, but he was pretty stoked with the result. Eddie Vedder offers his congratulations.

Your 2009 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Champions; Joel Parkinson and Stephanie Gilmore.

Taj, his lady and his trainer. With motivation like this, it's a wonder why he wasn't in the title race all year.

Taj winning Pipe and Joel winning the triple crown gave Billabong a clean sweep for the day.

Taj soaks the crowd at the Billabong house.

Taj Burrow; Pipe Masters champion. Has a nice ring to it.

Big win. Little flag. Taj waves his cake-topper after shutting down Slater in the final.

Two tickets to the gun show? Nothing like a solid win to close out the year and motivate Taj for 2010. Just what the rest of the ASP Top 45 needs.