2009 Rip Curl Search Day 7 Photos

Rip Curl found her darling and it is the beachbreak Belgas. Supertubos sits across the peninsula, windblown and sullen, but Belgas, sweet Belgas, keeps churning out glorious barrels. Glassy as a disco ball. And sections oh so puntable. Jordy almost landed a kickflip 540. That is how puntable.Today's action was limited to three heats. Three predictable heats. Freddy P beating Ben Dunn. Adriano de Souza beating Jihad Khodr. Timmy Reyes beating Kieren Perrow. Surfers and commentators felt that Patacchia's surfing was the best of the day. Spectators cheered loudly for everyone. And especially for the Brazilians.I wonder if Timmy Reyes ever gets tired of getting called Timmy? I wonder if Timmy Curran does too?The surfing was good. Barrels, top turns etc etc. but the real glory came in the expression session that followed. {{{CJ}}} Hobgood, Bobby Martinez, Owen Wright, Taj Burrow, Jordy Smith, Kai Otton Martin Potter all threw loads of airs. Except Martin Potter who surfed with grace and power. Owen landed an alley-oop no grab 360. Jordy almost pulled a huge rodeo in addition to his kickflip 540. Bobby launched a thick frontside air and almost landed on Pottz.Owen Wright won the 1,000 Euro purse. Brodie Carr gets a free dinner.I wonder if Bobby Martinez ever gets tired of getting called Bobby?I watched the expression session with famed commentator Dave Mailman and ASP CEO Brodie Carr. They enjoyed the hot action and compared notes on their fantasy surf teams. Both of them did poorly. Earlier in the event Dave Mailman and guessed that Aritz Aranburu would score a perfect twenty in his heat. Aritz scored an 11.40.I had arm wrestled Brodie the night before. We used to hate each other. I hated him because of his clothing choices. He hated me because I don't understand the word "integrity." We met in the hotel Soliel Peniche bar, locked hands and wrestled. And wrestled. He beat me, bought me a beer, and now we are besties. I love Brodie Carr.A sixteen-year old Portuguese girl wondered why Kai Otton and Taj Burrow had African hair.The event finished for the day and I am going to Lisbon for a bender. It is an hour away. I will stay up all night, go to Lux and arrive before the 7:30 call time tomorrow. Hopefully. Belgas again. Everyone loves Belgas.

Parko showed up, but didn't have to surf today.

Freddy P kept his winning streak going with a Round 2 victory over Ben Dunn. Now he gets a re-match with Mick Fanning in Round 3.

Owen Wright is winning everything in sight. Today he decided his mantle wasn't complete until he had an expression session trophy on it.

Owen Wright

Not that Owen Wright was the only one competing in the Expression Session. He had some lofty competition as well

CJ Hobgood

Owen Wright

Yup, Owen again. Surprise! He's doing a massive air. Guuess what? There's a 95 percent chance he landed it too.

Jordy Smith tells the crowd to take a number and wait in line. All autographs will be signed on a first come / first serve basis.


Owen Wright; freesurf session.

Owen Wright

Guess who...

Tim Reyes may have turned his luck around a little bit. He's on to Round 3 after winning today.