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The Hawaii season isn't really over. So often the best time to surf waves like Pipeline is late-February and March. Crowds thin, swells keep marching in. But when it comes to contests like the 2015 Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge, we've got to draw the line somewhere. That line was Monday. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Pipe specialists and photo editors sifted through the hundreds of photos submitted via the hashtag #steepanddeep2015. Suffice to say there were some gems. Plenty more than the ten finalists seen above, but again, we've got to draw the line somewhere.

The experts have spoken. These are the chosen ones. Now it's your turn. Vote below for the image you believe is the best Pipeline shot of the season. The one with the most votes by Monday, February 16 11:59 p.m. PST will be the winner.

Thank you for voting, we’re tallying them up as you read this. Suzi Milosky will be announce the winners at a Steep and Deep party on Thursday, February 19, in Haleiwa. We will let the Internet world know on Friday.