A Message From Bali

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Same idea. Different crew. Old house. New experiences! We recently tipped our sweat-brimmed caps goodbye to Yago Dora, Evan Geiselman and Yadin Nicol at the SURFING Factory and you can watch each of their full edits just by clicking their names — internet, right? But when the sun sets in one part of the world, it rises in another. Just like a tongue-in-cheek use of an abused cliche in one sentence leads to an informational tidbit in the next. Conner Coffin, Chippa Wilson and Matt Wilkinson just showed up, and Eric Geiselman never left. Round 2 never felt so good.

Above, you’ll drool through a collection of photos from the first few days with the new crew. The waves haven’t exactly mimicked what you drew on your school notebook as a kid (unless you have very poor motor skills and/or suffered from severe childhood alcoholism). But, perfection be damned, it has been fun and these very fine gentlemen have been having their way with it. Chippa landed a few things that looks more like skateboarding than anything you could do in the first couple versions of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Wilko’s been a living, breathing, fin-throwing example of the fact that people on the ‘CT just surf differently from commoners. Eric is good for a few A+ clips per day (his part will be amazing) and Conner has been building himself a nice little bouquet of clips as well. Keramas will probably be firing tomorrow and I’m a little bit worried that he’ll end up breaking it with one of his carves. Like, he might just destroy the place with one of those things. The wave will become timid and mushy. People will stop coming. Komune will have to close. All of it, gone, just because Conner broke Keramas.

I guess we’ll see. You’ll see, too. After all, that is the point of The Factory. —Brendan Buckley