Aside from the drunken pool-noodle slap fight that’s currently taking place over the executive office, it’s a great year to be in America. Why? Well, not only did Taco Bell finally debut the long-awaited Quesalupa, but there’s a little phenomenon known as El Niño going on. And if you’re lucky enough to call one of our beautiful coasts home, then you’ve likely experienced the beauty of it yourself.

From sea to shining sea, one storm system after another has danced its way across the states, each bringing with it an abundance of waves. Your limbs are likely exhausted, your quiver’s probably diminished and yet, you grin with a glowing satisfaction of knowing that you’ve seized what every surfer lives for. So while there’s a short break in the action and you let the Aleve kick in, we figured it’d be a good time to sit back and reminisce on some of the finer moments our shores have seen so far.

So lift those tired arms to the mouse, focus your sun-stricken eyes on the screen and enjoy the above gallery – maybe even over that beefy, cheesy treat you’ve been fantasizing about?