An Ode to Fall

Well then —what a summer it's been on the West Coast. It’s gonna be hard tosee the warm water, perfect conditions and loads of south swell leave usbehind, but the show must got on and Fall, well she’s our favorite anyhow.Here we give you a taste of what’s to come.

With cartel flair-ups still widespread, you can bet there'llbe plenty of breathing room in Baja.

The colder temperatures of impending winterhave never stopped the Santa Cruz boys. Daniel Shea warms up.

The obvious benefit of fall? The crowds have gone home.

You'll often find Hawaiians like Mark Healey along the WestCoast in fall as they get their sea legs back for the North Pacific swellseason.

As northwest swells combo with pulses from the south, SanDiego nooks and crannies show face.

Cold ramps. Warm ramps. So long as they'rethere, Mike Morrissey's launching off them.

Fall means getting used to chilly dawn patrols. It also meansviews like this.

Thanksgiving dinner in Northern California.

It takes a few swells for the sandbars to get their footingback. San Diego.

Apocalypse? Nah, just inland San Diego burning down again.

One man's nightmare is another man's dream. Wildfireperfection.

A rare moment below the lip for Osca Wright.

Rincon wakes up from her slumber.

The Lane, steaming.

Taj Burrow, picking up the summer scraps at Lowers.