Baby Cobras, Young Shooters: Steve Sherman

Once a week, for the next five weeks, SURFING will bring you the stories behind each of our senior staff photographers' careers. They all got their foot into the surf industry’s door the old school way, before Baby Cobras (consider yourself lucky).

Week four: SURFING’s most beloved staff photographer at large, Steve Sherman. Sherm went ahead and gave his two cents about the following fourteen photos, so pay attention kids.
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Baby CobrasSherm:I got started in high school working in the darkroom for the school paper. After I graduated I went to work for Transworld Skateboarding as a darkroom technician for Grant Brittain. That was my first real jump in being immersed with working with photography at a magazine. I shot for Transworld Skateboarding for 12 years. After that I worked for Stacy Peralta at Powell/Peralta with Craig Stecyk and I did two years making skate videos with those two guys, which was a big deal. So I was working in skateboarding but I was surfing a lot and I wanted to work in surfing. So I started dabbling and doing stuff with Nick Carroll at SURFING Magazine. Then I worked my way up and became photo editor at Trasnworld Surf and eventually photo editor at SURFING. I also worked at Surfer in between those two positions. I have worked at all of the three major magazines so I've got a pretty good understanding of surf photography and the surf world. I've got a unique perspective because of photo editing. I'm really lucky because I work in the office and then I leave to go back on the road and then I come back to work in the office and then I'm back on the road. It's a big circle I go through.

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