Gallery: Baja Was Best

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All Photos: Nick Liotta

Surfing should be easy. Well, not the actual act of surfing — your arms are too wild to look good through a carve and let’s be honest, your knee just hasn’t been the same since that snowboarding injury. Surfing is difficult and it should take hard work to figure out. But the process of going surfing. Going surfing should be easy. It should be board to car, key to ignition, drive to park, board to ocean. Boom, you’re surfing. But things like tides and crowds and winds and uggghh I fucking hate that old longboarder guy get in the way and suddenly, going surfing is not easy.


Unless you have a lot of knowledge and a little luck. That’s not a rare combo to find in the realm of professional surfing, so it shouldn’t all too surprising to see these 26 photos from Baja last weekend. The whole of Southern California was being rubbed with swell, but it rubbed Baja in just the right way. Kolohe Andino, Dino Andino, Ricky Whitlock, Damien Hobgood, Josh Kerr and Oliver Kurtz were there all there to enjoy. They (literally) stepped straight into the best waves around — you’re allowed to use a Jet Ski when you have nothing to prove — and, for once, surfing was easy. Or at least going surfing was.