"Where's your Harley!?!" cackled Taj Burrow to Bede Durbidge as Bede stepped out the {{{Hummer}}} limo he arrived in. The boys all came out for Mada's after party for the Boost Mobile Pro. The flyer for the party featured Bede in leather on a Harley and the boys definitely made sure everyone knew about it. The Aussie contingent was in full effect after having to cancel their Vegas tickets when Kelly fought back from Taj's two nine performance to win yet again. Talk about a party foul. So instead of the Aussie boys heading to Vegas with $75,000 grand, they came to the heart of the OC where everyone, including Kelly came out to let off some steam after the tension filled day of competition. Thanks to Mada the drinks came for free and with a guest appearance on the dance floor from none other than "SeaBass" Zietz himself, the night was as big as they come.

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