Been Around the World: With Jeff Findt

As you look at this, Jeff Flindt is somewhere dangerous. He's chasing swell in a region most of us will leave to CNN headlines. He's searching the globe for untapped waves and cultures beyond baguettes and coffee. And while the California native's home base is the sexy and snowy streets of Sweden, somehow he managed to do this

Over the years, Jeff Flindt has proven himself one of the world's best swimmers, as well as a serious Speedo aficionado. Here he smuggles grapes at Teahupo'o while Andy Irons leans back.

This still doesn't feel old. Skeleton Bay sandbox.

Skeleton Bay dune buggy.

It's the little things. Alek Parker wedged in a corner at the now infamous Skeleton Bay, Africa.

Testing the theory of evolution with Alek Parker in the Galapagos.

CJ Hobgood knows when to aim for the Speedo. OTW.

Simple and beautiful. Dane Ward trim line in Chile.

Land of lefts and red wine. Dane Ward surveys the Chilean landscape and likes what he sees.

Ian Walsh's part in Stranger than Fiction showed he has range from 1-60 feet. Here he shows he can do six-foot shacks too.

Dust bowl exploration in Africa. Ian Walsh.

This is Puerto: Jose Rodriguez Uribe and Mamute tat shop.

Josh Kerr standing in a Teahpoo cave with aplomb.

Laurie Towner in a blizzard at Pipeline.

Sean Moody prior to detonation in Puerto Escondido.

Puerto ding repair shop.

Ramon Navarro in his homemade homestead in Chile.

Stephen Koehne is always one to keep your lens on at Pipe.

Deep Tahiti.