Been Around The World: With Nate Lawrence

Remember that dream trip you had to Bali a few years ago? Unforgettable,right? Once in a lifetime, right? Good for you. Now meet Nate Lawrence:SURFING Magazine Senior Photographer, Santa Cruz/Bali resident, liver of the dream. On any given Monday — as we slouch into our desk chairs —there is a good chance that we will come across another batch of photos from one of Nate’s latest swell chases into the outer reaches of Indonesia and beyond.Here, this is what it looks like:

Dylan Graves flies off into the Malaysian night

San Fran sneak attack.

Jordy Smith, threading the needle

Johnny Craft, making a U-turn at the nearest sign.

Three shades of Marlon Gerber in Brunei.

Dusty Payne's tail chuck.

Matt Rockhold, in familiar territory.

Nate's not complaining, but sometimes when it's this perfect, being the photographer can be painful.

Julian Wilson

Drew Ventura takes a knee.

Eyeing the prize in Senegal. Nate Tyler.

Cloudy skies and a 100 percent chance of heavy Andrew Dohenydownpours.

Rob Machado, feeling out the coping.

The golden child of the Bukit Peninsula, Rizal Tanjung.

Young Clay Marzo's patented fin ditch.

Conquering Sumba.

Kolohe Andino, pre NSSA Open Mens champion.

Ry Craike makes his entrance into the night.

Oil-slick lines and the famous wreck of Padang Padang, circa'08.

Padang Padang perfection.

Owen Wright's freshwater pop in Malaysia.

Any takers?

Mission accomplished.

Johnny Craft in a flash.

Rounding the bend in Northern California. Cory Lopez.

Matt Rockhold, holing up for winter.

Evening light.

Clay Marzo, defying the norm with extension instead of height.

Last winter, Nate and Aussie Anthony Walsh did a littleCalifornia road trip. This is what they found.

Complimentary afternoon snack in West Africa.

On a recent trip not far from his home base in Indo, Natehooked up with wonderkids Owen Wright and Matt Wilkinson. Every shot was akeeper. Here, Wilko nails one.

Another result of that same trip. Dean Brady.

Ghost Trees monster.

Cliff-hanging in Northern California with Kolohe Andino.

Daniel Jones pass-by.