Been Around The World with Steve Sherman

A glimpse into the impressive portfolio of SURFING’s Steve Sherman.

Bruce Irons hanging with his Fijian homies.

The new and improved, action photography by Sherm starring Dane Reynolds.

Blair Marlin and Dane settle in at the bar on the Goldy.

Jeffery's Bay firing for the Billabong Pro in 2009.

Fishtales with Paul Fisher. Worlds funniest surfer.

Parko getting on his early season run at the Quiksilver Pro.

No one gets better positioning than Sherm in moments like this.

Hanging out in Nathan Fletcher's house.

Sherm is down with all the big dogs in Hawaii. Kaiborg, A.I., and Barca celebrate Barca's WCT Qualification.

Daniel Jones in Panama.

You can tell Kelly doesn't want to drink that beer, but it looks like he had no choice. Nice job Mick Fanning!

Aaron Cormican and the board he dominates New Smyrna Inlet on.

The Spartan, Michel Bourez.

Sherm started out shooting skateboarding. He's bros with Tony Hawk.

How many pro surfers are on this bus?

Adriano Desouza with a vertical leap that rivals Michael Jordan (well, probably not that high).

Adriano can jump pretty high on a surfboard as well.

How cute? A flower for Claudia from Adriano.

Kieren Perrow on a beast at Cloudbreak while Damien Hobgood paddles back out.

What goes on in this guy's head anyway?

Ford Archbold hanging with his pops.

Archy takes the plunge in Panama.

Poke man, Owen Wright.

Julian and his pink board for breast cancer.

Classic photo of Kelly and Andy. Would have never imagined seeing this 5 years ago, that's for sure.

Dane Reynolds taking shelter.

That'd be his 9th.

Sean Taylor scoring.

Jam session with Steph Gilmore.

Sherm and his South African gangster friends.

Matt Hoy throws up the peace.

People feel comfortable in front of Sherm's camera. That's what has made him who he is today.