Benny Bash

After six years on the WQS, you'd think nothing could shock North Carolina surfer Ben Bourgeois. But when the former WCT surfer walked into Wrightville Beach's Tower 7 restaurant on Tuesday night, he was caught completely off guard.

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“Man there’s a party here and it’s packed….we may want to go somewhere else," said Ben when he saw all the balloons. Of course, the party was a celebration of his return to the WCT next year, set up by sisters Danielle and Shana and uncle Brian, along with the help of Brian Tracy Reef team rider Ross Stevens. As proof of his time on slogging the WQS, Brian pretty much had to force Ben to get out of the weak waist high waves just make dinner on time. And while those days may soon be a thing of the past, and while Ben may now live in Encinatas part time, but he stayed true to his Southern roots by partying til late and keeping the mood genuine. As Butler notes: "In perfect humble and modest Ben Bourgeois fashion he made a very sincere toast to all of his friends and family for their continued support and that with their support he gains strength to push forward for the dream of the WCT that only a few obtain in a lifetime.

Congrats Benny B., the boys will be pulling for you at every event.

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