Photos by Hilton Dawe, except where labeled otherwise
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Bloodlines is a junior development program designed to groom Billabong's elite international juniors through a series of intensive camps. Each camp caters to a specific group of surfers and targets a marquee surf destination. The program provides knowledge and experience critical to the kids' futures in professional surfing. They're able to refine skills and technique while gaining exposure to global surf spots visited by the ASP World and Star Tours.

The first of four Bloodlines camps in 2011 began on Oahu, Hawaii in mid-February. Being that the North Shore is one of the most important surf regions in the world (if not the most important), the Hawaii camp aimed to help attendees expand their surf break knowledge, practice wave analysis, familiarize themselves with equipment needs, and develop heightened awareness to their surroundings.

This year's first group was made up of the 14- to 16-year-old ISA crew. Greeted by a 10-day window of solid NNW swell, the campers made the most of Hawaii's late season, shredding each spot from Haleiwa to Sunset. From naked surfing antics to team cook-offs, every day was event-filled and offered minimal downtime. As the tenth straight day of swell loomed, one last test would show just how well the crew could display their newly honed skills. The final day dawned to a solid NW swell lighting up the North Shore's premiere surf spots, which provided the ISA crew with clean 6- to 8-foot Pipe, Backdoor and Off the Wall, just as their older pro junior peers in the next camp stepped off the plane. Each camper was able to pick off a few solid shacks throughout the day, all while competing with one another for wave of the day bragging rights. Every ISA camper left Oahu with a smile on his face to say the least. Stay tuned for the pro junior camp next…shoooots! —Blake Pettit