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Billabong girls win. Hands down, in a landslide. Best party of the year (At least, that's what everybody's been saying). If you can rally everyone from {{{CJ}}} Hobgood, fresh off his runner up performance in Fiji, to Jason Biggs from American Pie, a few hundred painfully beautiful models, every person affiliated with the surf industry and over 1500 screaming hipsters, surfers and models to watch a band wear women's clothing and sing songs that make you want to move like you're made of Jello, all in one building to raise money for the Surfrider Foundation, you're doing something right. In its second year, the event has become the surf industry's best night in LA and featured a performance by Brooklyn's psychedelic hipsters MGMT. With free Kettle One kegs lowering inhibitions and DJ Aoki spinning smashups into the wee Hollywood hours, you may have noticed the dawn patrol started at noon for most surfers, who made it out in support of the Surfrider Foundation last night. With all ticket sales going straight to Surfrider, all you had to do to support the cause was buy a ticket and show up…Oh, and deal with a very woebegone morning and long day of work. Stay tuned to or to find out how much money was raised and more photos from the event as everyone pieces the night back together. *If you'd like to bid on any art, photos or fashion pieces from the event, with all proceeds from the eBay auction going to Surfrider as well, log onto the to find out how to place your bid.