Billabong Pro Pipeline Masters Day One

Oakley antics with Ronny Nelson and Rico Jimenez, again sporting SURFING Magazine's Hawaii shirt for 09.

Tis the season at the Oakley House. Rico, Bruce Irons and Seabass decorating for the holidays.

Kaiborg watches his troops at Pipe.

Jamie O'Brien didn't catch a wave until there were three minutes left in his 40 minute heat. The former Pipe Master ended up losing to Phil MacDonald by just over two points, but just barely.

Shane Dorian before getting barreled all the way to round three of the Pipe Masters

Sunny Garcia was not psyched that he missed his heat. After being bumped to the first alternate position Sunny will have to wait for a no-show to keep his Triple Crown hopes alive.

Kalani Chapman

Michael Ho and Occy.

Bruce Irons family portrait.

Bruce Irons version of paperwork.

North Shore legend and shaper Rena Aberilla in classic Sherm-moment style.