Girl In A Shirt: Bri Akahoshi

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Model: Bri Akahoshi // Hair and Makeup: // Photos: Corey Wilson

"You think you'll do it?"
"I think I will. I mean, it's not cheating."
"It is cheating."
"It's not. You're on a boat for two weeks surrounded by a bunch of dudes. Just surfing. No privacy morning, noon or night. Then you get to shore. You're sore. You get a massage. She offers. You accept. You pay. It's over. You fly home the next day and nobody gets hurt."
"Sounds a lot like prostitution."
"No way. It's just, like, a thorough massage."
"Justify it however you want, but there's no upside."
"I can think of one."
"Well, sure. But think of it this way: If you ask permission before you go, then that's all she's going to think about while you're gone. If you just do it and then she finds out, you're f–ked. And if you do it and she doesn't find out, you feel guilty. However the cards fall, it's a not-so-happy ending."