Burn Out Surf

Unknown and undercover.

The Golden State.

Light thoughts at Blacks

We love gold.

Glassy sandbars

Tanner Gudauskas gearing up for his inaugural run on the ASP World Tour

San Diego can bleed purple and gold too.

California dreaming

Tanner Gudauskas burns one around the edges.

Andrew Doheny's been having a heyday at home

Kolohe Andino is California's style connoisseur.

Winter glass.

Mike Gleason taking a hands-off approach

Doheny waiting for a ride.

Eyes wide shut with Doheny.

Justin Quirk slowing down for re-entry

Nate Yeomans eyes the exit

The modern look of Gabe Garcia.

The land of opportunity, where the beer flows like wine.

Baja: Like California, only dirtier and way cooler.

Scotty Hammonds hiding from the wind.

Worthwhile in Baja. Gabe Garcia

Regular guys get barreled too. Unidentified, but probably not worrying about it.

Cory Lopez hides and seeks.

Life's all about choices. Ricky Whitlock chooses wisely.