California Christmas By Peter Taras

Kolohe Andino is more than just airs and tail flicks. Arcing up north.

This is not your homebreak. Central Cal

Conner Coffin snuggling at end-of-the-line Rincon.

Conner Coffin is not an artist.

Pat Curren may have a different approach then dad, but it's no less stylish.

Jesse Columbo camping out in Northern California.

Josh Mulcoy is no stranger to the cold. Central California: Warmer than he's used to.

Since he was eight Nat Young has logged more time in the water at the Lane than most people do in a lifetime.

If the left at the Lane is breaking Nat's on it. His mom Rosie probably has a sick clip of this one from the cliff too.

Groomed on the rights at the slot Nat Young is no stranger to surfing on his backhand.

Northern California lights.

Black and white, or color? Hack or shack Left or Right? So many choices…

Surfers are such good sports in Northern California. This guy gets burned and still raises his arms to cheer for the other guy as he sets up for the barrel. Ahhh, camaraderie.

Unidentified in Northern California

Rincon has had a bunch of good days this year. And if your name is Curren, Coffin, or Reynolds, you might get a wave out there.

Otherwise you're relegated to the inside, like these poor saps, where you get to sit and watch.

The Corner is one of California's great point breaks

…maybe the inside isn't so bad after all.

The rarely documented empty wave in its natural environment at Rincon.

View from the highway.

Yadin Nicol calls this zone home most of the year. Beautiful wife, beautiful life and beautiful punt.

When the lip hits you, you hit it right back. Yadin Nicol fights for his right.

The best thing about 2009? 2010. Happy Holidays from SURFING Magazine