California Lightbox Part II

Alex Gray speed tuck.

Alex Gray is a powerful surfer even though his goofy grin and constant jokes would lead you to believe otherwise. Flexing in Central California.

Anthony Tashnick enjoys a light traffic during the morning commute.

Last period at UCSD. OR Blacks in the evening.

Blacks and white.

Up periscope at Blacks.

Blake Jones, Nick Rupp, Jack Morrissey, and Tom Carey representing for Movember. But Mostly just representing. PHOTO: Tom Carey...wait, how'd he do that?

Kolohe Andino is the greatest of pro surfers. He wakes our photographers up to go shoot and then goes out and performs.

Camoflaged like a tuna fish. Gabe Garcia in Carlsbad.

Would you go? Ian Rotgans, committed in San Diego.

Mike Losness off the top at Blacks.

Nate Tyler tasting the rainbow.

This is what the O'Neill shop looked like in the '50s.

Anthony Tashnick and log cabins. Both are COre Score way up.

Anthony Tashnick observes collaboration between ocean and street. Tino and Daniel Russo are collaborating on a project that will bring ocean/street/and memories all in one. Two imates telling one story...For more, check the Twitter:

Anthony shares his memories and interpretations of Tino and Russo's collaborationis. For more info, follow

Van Keranza eats slabs like this for dinner.

Ian Walsh banking on the low road, up north of where I'm sitting.