Celebrating 50 Years at Bells with a Ball (and Round 3)

It was a "surf formal" affair. There were small portions of scallops and never ending glasses of wine. And some of the most incredible surfers and competitors in the world. Mick Fanning kicked off the night with a speech that would have made Obama proud. The man can hold an audience. Then Nat Young #1 followed with some incredible memories of the storied Bells Beach point. After that, a montage chronicling contest history from the first man to ring a Bell in 1962, Glynn Ritchie, through all the epic battles that have gone down since. There was a massive photo op and then enough dancing to rattle even the most focused of competitors. Laura Enever did a Rihanna song onstage and just then, at midnight, Easter weekend and the 50th anniversary of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Easter Rally was officially kicked off. Congrats to all the winners (and dancers), past and present.