Damien Hobgood Injured At Teahupoo

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Damien Hobgood is now safe at home nursing his wounds after this dance with death at Teahupo'o on Monday. The over-charged Hobgood was psyching for the first real Tahiti swell of the season after a lackluster tube year. Globe's Brian Robbins gave us the update from the Hobgood camp: "He was an overcharged Hobgood. "I don't think he's had good waves since last year at the Trials at Teahupo'o because Fiji was canceled, he got hurt in Chile and Hawaii was bad -- he was definitely ready for Tahiti season this year. He went over alone last weekend, and was on it first thing that morning. Surfed all day until he took the fall. Basically what happened is he swung around deep and noticed Brian Conley inside of him paddling, too, which made him hesitate for a split second, then Conley pulled back so Damien tried to dig back in and got stuck on that hump. The rest, as you can see, is bad. He just remembers hitting really hard. When he hit he was focusing on not blacking out the entire time. We thought he blacked out because he said he didn't remember swimming up but he was actually conscious the whole time, he thinks. Running on pure adrenaline he made it to the lagoon. Finally a guy on a ski made it over to him and took him to the boat. Once the adrenaline subsided he started seeing stars and was a bit concussed. He went to the two little hospitals in Tahiti, but was just focusing on getting home to his home doctor, Dr. Warren Kramer, who's his specialist to get the real list of injuries, which include: broken left scapula in three spots, a gash in the head and a scraped up back. They say he could be surfing in four weeks, but it's going to be a slow road. He'll be going back to Dr. Kramer in two weeks where we'll know a lot more on the long term."