The pride of our December issue.

Laurie Towner Ray Collins
Download: Laurie Towner. Photo: Ray Collins

John John Florence Photo Duncan Macfarlane
Download: John John Florence. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Dylan Graves Brent
Download: Dylan Graves. Photo: Brent Bielmann.

Chippa Wilson Photo Jimmicane
Download: Chippa Wilson. Photo: Jimmicane

West Oz Duncan
West Oz. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Julian Wilson Bosko
Download: Julian Wilson. Photo: Bosko

Dunphy Lugo
Download: Michael Dunphy. Photo: Lugo

Damien Hobgood Photo DJ Struntz
Download: Damien Hobgood. Photo: DJ Struntz

Cristobol Jimmicane
Download: Cristobol de Col. Photo: Jimmicane

Creed Mctaggart Photo Joe Alani
Download: Creed McTaggart. Photo: DJ Struntz