Desolation Road

Hatteras: it's worth the drive.

For several days, birds were the only residents who got on or off the island.

As conditions cleaned up, the Lighthouse locals enjoyed some alone time with their favorite spot. Brett Barley.

Pavement's over-rated.

Don't drink. Won't smoke. Married at 19. But don't let the goody-two-shoes act fool you, the kid loves to get high. Brett: all over this joint.

The current Buxton crew is an anomaly in that they actually bother driving the 30 miles north to S-Turns on occasion. Here's why.

Known -- sometimes teased -- for riding fishes on heavy days, even Joey Crum's home is built for speed ....

....and comfort. Fresh fish dinner with Brett and Preston Barley.

If you ever needed more proof that surf photos lie: this wave sucks. (We'll just leave it at that.)

No Wake Zone, Frisco style.

When the locals say there's nothing else to do but surf and play video games, they're not bullshitting. Brett: next best thing to playing with your joystick.

After missing work for four days, many local surfers are forced to make up for lost time just as the waves are getting their best. Which is either a bummer, or a blessing, depending on your point-of-view. Preston Barley, digging his perspective.

Somewhere, a dude in a beat up, old Jimmy with four-wheel drive, three-teeth and a barely five-figure salary is sipping a PBR tall boy and laughing his ass off.

You have shorebreak; they have shorepound.

Barley and Crum. A high-end law office? Two hardened detectives sweeping the streets of crime? Nah. Just two goofy-footed psychopaths, debating which chunky section they're murdering next.

Green screen karaoke. Road trip rants. Find 'sirbrettly' on Youtube, and you'll see Brett Barley act the fool. Find him in a real tube, and you'll see him act casual.

The house is unmistakable. What's hard to see is the invisible gill net a few yards south that catches every surfer from NJ to FL.

On a good day, this is as close as you'll get to an aerial at S-Turns.

Hard-working photog. Inspired artist. Nine-generation local. And a helluva nice guy. Daniel Pullen represents all Hatteras' best qualities.

Me: fat-lipped, round and filthy with a deep, shadowy soul. You: crazy, left-handed and aching to stick your head underwater while I beat you repeatedly with a six-foot board. Let's get nasty sometime...

If you've never shot the Lighthouse at sunset, you're not an East Coast surf photographer. Sorry.

A man, his board and his groin. What else do you need?