Euro Days: Part 1

Dane contemplates what board he might ride in Mundaka.Nah...He's probably not thinking about anything at all.

Dane has some really nice sock in his quiver.

Patron Saints of Fun for Hossegor,Dick and Dave of the infamous Dicks Sandbar.Dave digs watching pro surfing as much as I do.That's why we get along great.Dick is a superb host to all the boys on tour.I'm not just saying that because he gives me beer, for shooting photos on his website!(

Julian Wilson fixes a bit of lunch between surfs at the Bourdaines sandbar.He really has been surfing incredibly in the small surf this week.

Dion Agius amongst his boards at his abode in France. He's a big fan of the French night life. He also has going mental in smallish surf this week.Has some really cool old school hats(Batman late 80's!) too.

Julian Wilson portrait in his backyard

Capreton graveyard

Capreton graveyard

Capreton graveyard

Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson leave the kids with the babysitter,and go out for night on the town.I think Joel's ankle is feeling better,and is ready for some catch up damage in Mundaka.He surfed the sandbank a few days ago,and said

Hoyo just looking very cool.

Capreton gaveyard

Tagging Artist

Street scene

Church scene

French Junior Champion Marc Lacomare portrait

Late night portrait of Dane Reynolds