Family Vacation

Everyone goes on annual trips. You and your little sister cram in the back of the station wagon and you drive out to the country, and listen to grandma talk about her arthritis and the crops. Super fun. Every year the whole Volcom team heads out to Tavarua for barrels, beers and boob bongs. Also super fun.

Tyler Smith prepares for the upcoming -- and El Niño fueled -- winter in California.

If you're a grom, always turn and go...

Parker Coffin, tear drop

Tavarua boatman and general hell man: Johnny Maher.

Tyler Smith finds himself more at home in the shade.

Mitch Coleborn adjusted well to island life after his MC tour. Here he rehabds his injured knee with some committed carving.

Even North Shore lifeguards gotta get away. Dave Wassel enjoying some time off.

Mitch Coleborn is modern, are you?

It wasn't all playful airs and airdrops. Mitch Coleborn snags a real one.

Tyler Smith convinced that that isn't razor sharp coral six inches below the surface.

Mitch Coleborn's mustache gets vertical.

Dave Wassel, Parker Coffin, Mitch Coleborn and Nick Rupp know something you don't know.

Nick Rupp's

Dave Wassel bleeding speed.

Clairvoyant surfing in Tavarua.

Parker Coffin fish.

Get your body on a boogie.

Hunter S. Thompson on a fun one. Wait, that might be Mitch...Nah, it's Hunter.

All that blue was making me sweaty anyway.

The beer boob.

Soccer lowers your Core Score. Unless you play for Tavarua's Team Volcom.

Nick Rupp is a Capricorn looking for a long-term relationship. He likes quiet nights in, and sitting poolside with a good book.

Restaurants still pumping.

Fijian knuckle sandwich

H.S. Thompson, again. At the bar with his lawyer, again.