Famous Lightbox Giveaway

Famous Wax wants to make your new board feel like a million bucks. And so do we. Enjoy this lovely introduction to the Famous shred team and then answer the questions at the bottom and win the loot. The first three people to send the correct answer to Surfing@Sorc.com wins. Easy as that. But first, enjoy the show.The first three people to email Surfing@Sorc.com the correct answer to both of these questions will win one of these three gift packs from Famous Wax

1. What maneuver does a 16-year-old Tim Curran do in the opening clip of Taylor Steele's monumental flick {{{Focus}}}?

2. What does Dillon Perillo's girlfriend want to be when she grows up?

Dustin Barca's currently rated 30th on the ASP World Tour. But he's rated at the top of the Wolfpack. Where would you rather be?

Dustin Barca again showcasing why he'll always be a threat in any wave. Severely high air at OTW.

Chippa Wilson's emergence onto the scene was a refreshing one. It came from underground.

James Woods in a rare fully-clothed moment.

Malibu's Dillon Perillo up the alley, down the oop.

Timmy Curran backstage and loving it somewhere in Central America.

Tim Curran again. Deep breathe, deep barrel.

Visions of Focus in Central America.

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