Five Photos by Jeff Flindt, Vol. 2


“Here’s five photos that are just sitting in my hard drive that might not get seen by the public. I have posted some of these on my Facebook page and Twitter account (@Jeffflindt). There are thousands of photos from all the photographers that never get seen. They get forgotten about or just refreshed by new stuff. These are all from my 2007 Tahiti library. Seems like I just shot these the other day. If you like the photos, forward the link for others to enjoy.

--Jeff Flindt

Nick Vasicek
Nick Vasicek with my under/over port. I had a port made for my Nikon D200 because i got inspired by some of Art Brewer’s under/over portraits he shot on film. I thought to myself… digital photography has enough dynamic range that I can capture detail under the water and above water. If this was shot on film I don’t think I could of brought out enough detail underwater, would of been too dark. I shot this in April 2007, before those epic Insight ads shot by D.Hump.

Laurie Towner
Laurie Towner shot with a fish-eye lens and Canon 5D with flash.

Damien Hobgood
Damien Hobgood shot on the same trip as Laurie’s pic.

Jaime Sterling
This is Jamie Sterling , I’m not sure if this ran in Surfing magazine, it might of ran in a magazine overseas.

Jaime Obrien
This is Jamie O’brien that ran as a cover in Japan. Not sure if it ran in Surfing mag.