Five Photos by Jeff Flindt, Vol. 3

Words and photos by SURFING’s Senior Photographer Jeff Flindt

Tanner GudauskasTanner Gudauskas // Tahiti

This day was wild! I swam out at first light with my fisheye knowing that the swell was building. I underestimated the swell and it picked up about four or five feet in two hours. I was a little under-gunned with my fisheye, so I had to take my boat back to switch up my housing. Tim Jones paddled out with a trusty 50mm saying, “It’s too big for fisheye, what the f–k are you doing out here?” I got a couple of nice ones before i changed up my housing.

Kamalei AlexanderKamalei Alexander // Tahiti

This is the same day I shot Tanner’s fisheye image. I shot this from my little inflatable boat in the channel at Teahupo’o. The Gudangs’ roommate, Ian Foulke, got caught this morning by a bomb and got about 100 urchin spines in his foot after he got washed into the lagoon. Ian was out of the water and wanted to watch the waves so I asked him to drive my little 10-foot inflatable while I shot. Ian and Kamalei are pretty good friends, so he was amped to get me in the right spot for Kamalei’s wave. Thanks Ian!

Dane Gudauskas, Dylan Graves Dane Gudauskas and Dylan Graves // Tahiti

If anyone knows Dane Gudauskas then you know how epic he is to travel with. The Gudang bros are good vibes! Dane was “frothing” on this sunset with Dylan Graves. We were feeling the vibe right here with Dane strumming his little uke and Dylan filming the sunset on our deck. You can’t put a price on these moments.

Andy Irons, RaimanaAndy Irons and Raimana // Tahiti

I was chillin’ on Raimana’s boat in the channel. Andy was out in the lineup and caught a wave all the way to the channel and paddled over to Raimana’s boat to say hi. Andy jumped up on the little platform and gave Raimana a huge hug. It was definitely a brotherly hug.

Tim Jones, Tim JonesTim Jones // Tahiti

We had plenty of small days at Teahupo’o this year. I was following around Tim Jones this day in the water to photograph his view. I was trying to get a shot of Tim and a surfer in the tube at the same time. I like this shot, it’s a great portrait of Tim Jones. I’m pretty sure that’s Occy in the tube.