Five Photos by Nate Lawrence, Vol. 3

Words and photos by SURFING Senior Photographer Nate Lawrence

West Australia
Unknown // Western Australia

It doesn’t get much better than West Australia. The waves. The place. The people. I’m not sure who this guy is, but he was getting some good waves. It looks like he’s been doing this for a while.

Tom "2Can" JenningsTom “2Can” Jennings // Western Australia

Tom “2Can” Jennings. This is Ry’s filmer grom. He’s about 6’5”. He froths on everything. He takes abuse from everyone. But he’s one talented giant. Here we hiked up the bluff before the sunrise to get some lineup shots. It’s pretty fun working side by side the 2Can.

Hermit Camping
Camping // Western Australia

I don’t know how long this hermit has been camping, but his fort is pretty set up. I think he’s a fisherman because the view from his tent is facing the wrong way.

Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown // Western Australia

This is Courtney Brown weaving through the middle section of the wave. This was one of the few waves that broke from the top all the way through. I don’t know how he did it backside. I like that Jet Ski up on the shoulder. All the hippies that complain about Jet Skis should head over to WA and see what goes on over there. Sure there’s plenty of hippies there too, but they don’t seem to complain about the skis being in the water. They know that dude on the ski will be there to rescue you if something goes wrong. Like this day, where a local guy broke his jaw, broke his cheek, lost a bunch of teeth, and then got rescued and taken in on the ski.

Ry Craike
Ry Craike // Western Australia

Ry Craike needs to go right more. Needs more backside waves. This a tow-in. Too many lefts. Etc.

Man, there’s a lot of critics behind the keyboard. And such the cliched thing to write about Ry. But when you’re frontside on waves like this and the previous photos, let the haters hate. Here Ry gets his 17th barrel (seriously, I just counted every sequence of him I shot during this two-hour session) with only him and his two friends out.