Five Photos by Peter Taras, Vol. 2

Hello Readers and Haters,

Here's six photos I shot during the last month. It's been a busy one. I know when I have been shooting a lot because I gain weight. 15 lbs in the last three months! Praise my fatness!

Charlie Smith
Chaz aka. Charlie Smith

Charlie will never have to work a really 9 to 5 job for the rest of his life and you can hate him all you want for that. He's just too damn smart to fall into something like an office cube. Do you know he was in Baghdad during the first gulf invasion, he was there. Like bullet proof vest and bombs. He was there on the front lines. This is around the corner from their editing bay in Venice where they produced the new Jamie O’ movie. We couldn't shoot it at the actual editing bay because they got evicted. We went back there and tried to shoot at this torched, completely torn-up house and they gave us the boot.

Kolohe Andino
Kolohe Andino // San Clemente

Riviera evening glass. Not the most radical of moves or photos but we tried to work because the conditions were so nice.

Chris Ward // CarsChris Ward // Cars

I grew up with Chris and drove him to school most of the time. I still feel weird when I shoot portraits of him. I think he feels the same way. We're both like "uhhhh, ummm, errrr". I sweat profusely when I shoot photos. Like drip buckets and at this shoot for ASL, I was dripping buckets. Chris likes to direct shoots and gets very hands on sometimes like "hey, do this, or that looks lame, or do this". It stresses me the fuck out. So this whole time I’m shooting him and his cars at 320th of a second and the acute back I’m shooting with only sincs. At 250th. So that's why there’s that line on the bottom of every shot. Such an amateur kook move on my behalf.

Derek Dunfee
Derek Dunfee // the wall

I have a love hate relationship with walls. A lot of our portrait are shot against plain monotone colors like walls because you can run the photos full bleed and put text over the shots. When I fist shot against this wall, I was so excited, I thought the photos were going to be amazing, the more and more I look at them the more I hate ’em. It's such a cliché. Or maybe not a cliché, but such an easy way out. I’m not a great portrait photographer, no one in the surf industry (except maybe Art Brewer) but one day I want to be one, and hopefully move on from my wall curse.

Andrew Droid Doheny
Andrew “Droid” Doheny // Flash Portraits

Droid flashes: 3 second exposure with Jimmy manually firing off the softboxes. It was so much harder than it looks to do. Or maybe I’m just retarded. I have had to shoot Droid a lot the last couple of months for several magazines, and man, I’ve put him through more portrait shoots the last couple months than I have had with anyone, and he's been a champ.

Cory Lopez // Santa Cruz
Cory Lopez // Santa Cruz

Speed-blur during the color water. I was shooting next to 15 other photographers this same day, and you know what, they were all shooting speed-blurs too, so not that creative……