Five Photos From the North Shore, Vol. 1

A who/what/where photo journal from a week in surfing on Oahu’s North Shore.

Last week saw a contest, a memorial, a Pipe swell, and the banging tip-off on a winter to remember. SURFING’s photo team was right where they needed to be.

Alex Gray // Photo: Tom Carey

“This is Alex at OTW. This morning actually had a funky wind but we got lucky with a couple shots. Shooting flash is the best way to beat the crowds.”

Kalani Chapman // Photo: Jeff Flindt

“This is just an average shot of Kalani. I’m sure you will see better shots on other websites, but I want to save my best shots of Kalani for the printed magazine. Kalani was riding a giant board this day to get into the waves a little easier. I think Kalani caught the most waves this day.”

Kamalei Alexander // Photo: Ryan Foley

“This is Kamalei Alexander, his second heat on Day 1 of the event at Haleiwa. Kamalei is still a Triple Crown threat every year, even against the young superstars. In this heat he took out Clay Marzo and was probably scoring the Pipe swell by evening.”

Bruce, Danielle, Phil and Lyndie Irons // Photo: Jeff Flindt

“This picture if really powerful for me. I could barely see through my camera when I was shooting this because my eyes were so full of tears. I was bawling my eyes out and I had no shame crying. It’s one of the first times I felt comfortable crying in front of people. I remember seeing Kala Alexander and I didn’t care who he was, I knew if I cried, he wouldn’t call me a wimp. We all understood that was our day of mourning. I was next to all the heavy hitters and it didn’t matter, we had to let it out.

Last time I was hanging with Andy in Tahiti on his porch, we were talking about how our babies are due two weeks apart. He said Lyndie was due December 13th, and my wife is due December 27th. We talked about how our kids will play together next winter when I come to Hawaii.”

Stephen Koehne // Photo: Tom Carey

“Yeah, that’s Steph after he passed a few other photogs. It’s been crowded with us photogs. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.”