Rusty Takes Over Tavarua

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Come March, it's Rusty time on Tavarua. His friends, family, pencil pushers and pros show up for one reason only: vacation. Now, one could argue that pros like Jamie O'Brien and Josh Kerr pretty much live in an endless hiatus from the norm - that is the 9-to-5 world most of us are accustom to. But Rusty's point in bringing everyone to the island, pro or not, is to get you out of the office, if it is only for a handful of days. Just for some of us, the office happens to be eight-foot caverns at Pipe.

But because we can't completely get out of work mode, we decided to smuggle Surfing's staff photog Jeff Flindt onto Tavarua to document life in paradise, with its two not-so-bad lefthanders, affectionately known as Cloudbreak and Restaurants. You may have heard of them.

What you'll find here is a collection of days streaked with tropical perfection and driving rain, pumping surf and first-time Bocce tournaments. What you'll see is just another vaca on "Tavy" for the whole Rusty crew, no matter who you are.