[portfolio_slideshow size=large]Model: Quincy Davis
"Originally we were supposed to go on a hike, have brunch, then run some errands."
"Just a nice little Saturday. Maybe Home Depot…"
"Right. So I told her I had to work."
"But you didn't."
"No. I went down to the contest. I really wanted to see Kolohe's heat."
"I get it. Local hero on his home court."
"Exactly. But I didn't think she'd understand. So I told a little white lie, skipped our hike and hiked down to Lowers instead. Then…"
"Well, she saw me on the webcast. Kolohe walked right by me on the way to his heat and the cameras were following him."
"That's just bad luck. But wait, why was she even watching the webcast? She doesn't surf."
"Apparently she also really likes Kolohe. For different reasons, though."

Photos: Corey Wilson
Shirt: Volcom, Otis Shirt $60
Hair/Makeup: Jeannie Jeffries