Girl In Just A Shirt: Lauren Young

Model: Lauren Young // Hair/Makeup: Jeannie Jeffries // All Photos: Mike Smolowe
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February Issue
Ambit Shirt

“What do you mean? You just walk away?


“Seems kind of rude.”

“I guess, but it works better than being a puppy dog. And we all want what we can’t have.”

“The Walk Away.”

“Right. So you approach a girl and introduce yourself or whatever. You say something funny, make her laugh, flirt for a couple of minutes. And then, when she turns around to talk to her friend or buy a drink or whatever, you just walk away.”


“And then she comes after you. Suddenly, you’re the won being pursued and girls love to win.”

“That seriously works?”

“Yes. How’s this? That last long trip I took down to South America, I walked away from this crazy-hot Mexican backpacker at this club in Motanita. I waited, I waited and I waited. And she never came. I’d lost her. I was devastated. Thought I’d blown it. But then six weeks later I’m in this bar in Florianopolis and I feel a tap on my shoulder. ‘Hey…’ This voice says. And I turn around, and there she is, looking even better than before and giving me these flirty eyes. Six f-cking weeks later!”

“And so what happened?”

“I didn’t walk away.”