Girl In A Shirt: Greta Gubacsi

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Model: Greta Gubacsi // Photos: Corey Wilson // Shirt: Mad Hueys Anchor Tank

"Have you ever done it?"
"Nah. Not that I've had the chance, but I feel like it's just a novelty, anyway. The sexual equivalent of surfing 2-foot J-Bay just to say you did it."
"But what if the waves are good?"
"That's the point, though. You're either in your seat or in a cramped bathroom. On a plane, it can't be good."
"There is a third option..."
"Ha! No. But, do you remember when I did that trip to West Africa?"
"Well, on our way back, the plane was empty. Maybe 10 of us on there. And the flight attendant was this cute blonde from Atlanta. Super friendly. Like, sat down next to me for 20 minutes, just talking."
"I like where this is going."
"It was super flirty, but also, you know, she's at work, so I wasn't getting any crazy ideas. But at one point I asked, 'How do you guys stay awake for these trans-Atlantic flights?' And she was like, 'We don't. We take turns sleeping in the bunks between the cabin and the luggage.' And I was like, 'There are bunks? Can I see them?' And she kinda bit her lip and looked away and then was like, 'I'm gonna ask my boss if we can go make out down there.'"
"Talk about direct."
"I know. I was tripping. Her boss said no, of course. But the point is: There are beds 35,000 feet in the air and probably easier to access than first class. It'll never be easy, but it can, in fact, be good."