Girl In A Shirt: Mahina Alexander

Mahina Alexander wears a shirt by RVCA and a smile by something divine.

"OK, so this has been bugging me. What makes a 'local girl' a local girl?",
"When you say 'local' it usually just means anyone from Hawaii. But it implies a more ethnic- looking girl. Hapa, Asian, Polynesian, Latino looking."
"Can a non-Hawaiian girl that moves to Hawaii be a local girl?"
"No. But if she's, like, Mexican or something, she might be 'local-looking.'"
"What about a white girl that was born in Hawaii? Local girl?"
"Local haole."
"You can see how this would be confusing, right?"
"Not really."
"OK, let's say you and one of your Hawaiian friends are living in California. You go surf Trestles and see an ethnic-looking girl from Hawaii who is living in California…"
"Local girl."
"I give up. Anyway, yes, that girl over there is hot."