Girl In A Shirt: Olivia Jordan

Model: Olivia Jordan // Hair and Makeup: // Photos: Corey Wilson

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"Feel like it too. The night consumed me. What ever happened to you?"

"There was nothing out there for me except trouble. I came back here early. The US Open is no place for a married man."

"Not exactly Napa Valley, eh?"

"Not even close. But I saw you talking with a cute brunette and it seemed like you were on the right track."

"I was, and I even left the premiere with her and two of her friends. But on the way back to her house, Wes called me and said he was too drunk to drive."

"Where was he?"

"Somewhere in Costa Mesa. I somehow convinced this girl to pick him up and we found him there with some other random dude. She's already pissed because it was out of the way and she had a tiny car — like a shoebox — but they both tried cramming in all loud and obnoxious, screaming at her to go to Jack in the Box for about five minutes straight. She was furious. Pulled over right away and kicked them out, telling me to call them a taxi."


"Well, I wasn't gonna leave Wes behind in that condition. So all three of us just got out of the car. The girl was baffled. She's all, 'What are you doing? You can come with me. Get back in the car!'"

"So you left Wes behind?"

"I couldn't. I just said to her, 'Look, I'm not leaving my friend like this. So if you wanna hang out tonight, you'll let them back in the car.'"

"No way that worked."

"F–k no. But Wes is a big kid; I'm sure he figured something out."