Girl In A Shirt: Pollyanna Salas Urena

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Model: Pollyanna Salas Urena // Hair/Makeup: // All Photos: Corey Wilson

"LOOK AT THESE OBSCURE PLACES WE VISIT ON SURF TRIPS. They're so far away that there are never any girls."
"The North Shore is getting better. There were so many girls last year."
"That's what I mean. They're beginning to realize they can go to the North Shore in the winter and have their pick of dudes. It's only a matter of time before they start vacationing to the far reaches of Indo and do the same."
"You remember that trip Trevor and I did to Morocco a couple of years back?"
"He was whining the whole time that there weren't any girls, no alcohol and what not…"
“What, then some backpacker chick waltzed into town?"
"So much better. He ended up leaving early and the day he flew out, 12 college girls from Norway showed up."
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah. It was surreal."
"Did you have any luck?"
"Well, there were a dozen of them so it wasn't a tall order, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless."
"They just show up to a town full of fit guys, an amazing ratio…why isn't there a scenario like this for guys?"
"I think it's called a yoga retreat."