Girl In A Shirt: Jessica Dykstra

Shirt: Oakley Progression LS Woven // $90 //
Model: Jessica Dykstra // All Photos: Corey Wilson // Hair/Makeup: @heatherroseharris
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Issue 6 2014"I can't f–king believe it."


"That girl. Last night. I lost her number."
"Huh? How?"

"I must've forgotten to press save or something. Now she's gone."

"Technology's a cruel mistress."

"Damn it. Did you see how hot she was?"

"Yeah. Maybe you should just try doing what my one buddy does."

"Tinder? Not into it."

"No, not that. He's on this kick where he leaves his phone at home for the entire month. Won't check texts, Insta, missed calls. Just voicemail, now and then. Treats his phone like a total landline."

"Sounds stupid."

"I know. But it actually works pretty well. He carries around a pen and when he asks babes for their numbers, he gets them to write it on a receipt from their purse or any scrap of paper around. Says it's worked better than any method he's ever tried."

"So that's his bit, huh?"

"They think it's vintage or poetic or something, like they've just shared something tangible. Like, 'He actually wrote it down, on actual paper.' It's pretty pathetic, but he's kind of cleaning up."

"I can almost see how that'd work. But what happens if he loses the piece of paper?"

"I don't know. He'd probably quit whining about it and just meet a new girl."